Enterprise Network Infrastructure Design and Maintenance

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Cyber Security Consulting

Match your risk appetite to a set of security barriers which works for you.

MSc Cyber Security

We are into Enterprise Networking.

Our Expertise

  • Enterprise Network Infrastructure implementations
  • Enterprise Network Infrastructure expansion
  • Secure business to business connections (L2L VPNs)
  • Secure remote working (Remote VPNs)
  • Vendor independent Firewall design
  • Network security scanning

Network Scans

Regularly performing security scans is a valuable excercition to attest that your network services are secure and up-to-date and that your existing security measures are still relevant. We are able to carry out non-destructive tests designed to ensure that your Internet connected systems are secure and free of any known vulnerabilities. These tests will also highlight potential configurations (such as Telnet access) which may not be directly exploitable but which can be potential attack vectors.

Our tests are ideal for providing insight in the following:

  • Firewall rule analysis
  • Identify systems lacking the latest security patches

Grow your Business

More than 20 years experience in Enterpise Networking Industry

We have more than 20 years experience in the Enterprise Networking Industry and have extensive experience in working in large Enterprise and ISP environments.

We can assist you in achieving your goals

We are able to offer you an elegant design for your network infrastructure, based on your specific needs rather than wanting to push products on you that you don't really need.

You hire a team instead of an individual

CyberWise can provide you with interim network professionals when you need additional expertise to support your IT department whether as a buffer to fill up a temporary vacancy or to assist in specific projects. Each professional is backed up by our pool of knowledge.

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